Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my carpets cleaned?

Health- Carpeting is a great filter of airborne allergens and over time these need to be professionally removed to avoid potential health problems and poor indoor air quality.
Extended Carpet Life- If not properly maintained, carpeting will wear out or “ugly-out” over time. Professional carpet cleaning can help extend the life of your investment by removing soil and contaminants that will eventually wear out and scratch the carpet fibers.
Appearance- You can help maintain the original look of your carpet by properly maintaining it with regular professional cleanings.
Warranty- Most carpet manufacturers require new carpet to be cleaned at least every 12-18 months to maintain the warranty on the carpet. Also most carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method. This is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.

Can you remove all of my stains?

Let me first define the difference between a spot and a stain. A spot is any foreign matter that is removable by standard cleaning methods. A stain is foreign matter that has normally penetrated the fiber and caused a more permanent change to the fiber itself. Some stains may not be removed without causing more damage to the fiber.
We will gladly let you know what to expect from our cleaning procedure prior to any cleaning. Also, We are very experienced in advanced stain removal and that will also be discussed with you prior to any advanced techniques being employed.

Do you move furniture?

We will move some small to medium size furniture as part of our regular carpet cleaning.*We will not move china hutches, grandfather clocks, entertainment centers, pool tables or large bookshelves. We will discuss any furniture moving prior to cleaning and we reserve the right to reject moving any item that we do not feel comfortable with.

Does carpet cleaning make it wear out faster?

No! Actually it makes it last longer. Dirt , sand and soil act as an abrasive to carpeting and rugs and should be removed to reduce wear on the fibers.

Does your process restore the original feel of my carpeting?

Yes! Our cleaning method leaves your carpet fresh, clean, and soft to the touch.

Should I apply aftermarket stain and soil protectant?

We highly recommend the application of DuPont Teflon Advanced to your carpet and rugs after cleaning. This application acts to restore the original stain resistance that was applied in the carpet mill. Protectors act in two ways. First, they help to make soil more easily removable by everyday vacuuming and they act to reduce staining when something foreign is spilled or dropped on the carpet. Spills will stay on top of the carpet fibers for easy clean up.

Should I replace my old carpet or have it cleaned?

Most people like the carpeting that the have and they don’t want to go to the expense of replacing it. It is far less costly to have the carpet cleaned versus replacing. Also, since we use a powerful truck mount machine we are able to restore many carpets that would have otherwise been torn up and replaced, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars.

Which provides better indoor air quality: carpeting or hardwoods?

Studies have shown that carpeting acts as a great filter of airborne pollutants. As long as you don’t have specific allergies to carpeting and a regular professional cleaning schedule is maintained, carpet provides much better indoor air quality than hardwood or tile.

Will you provide a free estimate for the scope of my carpet cleaning?

Yes! We will gladly come to home or place of business and provide a free estimate and discuss any concerns that you may have.