All of our cleaning services our done using top of the line truck mount steam cleaning machines this method is the only one recommend by carpet manufactures.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

When cleaning carpets we use only the best chemicals available. They are designed NOT to leave a residue on your carpet, therefore no re-soiling. Our machine heats the water up to 230 degrees to help insure that they are truly clean.
Our first step is to vacuum your carpet after that we pre spray all of your carpet not just the spots this will help release the dirt from the carpet. While we are steam cleaning the carpet we have other spotters that we use on the tough spots that were not released from the pre spray. After we are done cleaning we block any furniture we moved and, depending on the style of the carpet, we groom them.
When cleaning upholstery we use chemicals that are designed for upholstery. We pre-vacuum , pre-spray and steam clean your furniture with the same machine we use on your carpet we just use a upholstery tool.

Carpet Stretching

When your carpet has humps or rolls we can help pull them out. Most of the time we use a power stretcher to remove the ripples which ensures that your carpet will stay without ripples. We stand be hide every restretching so you will never have to worry about it again

Carpet Repair

We do all types of carpet repairs. We do not install new carpet.

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning

    When you can't seem to get the dirt that is deep down in your tile out we can. We use the same big truck mount to steam clean your tile floors. We pre spray your tile floors with a high ph tile cleaner to insure that everything comes up while we are cleaning. Our water pressure is turned from 500-1100 psi to blast the dirt off your tile while everything is sucked right up with no mess. The hot water we use to rinse your tile is anywhere from 200-230 degrees to insure that they are left clean and sanitized. After cleaned, we can seal your grout too.